Technology / Personalization

Magnetic Stripe $
  • Designed to store encoding data within the band.
    - LoCo mag $ (low coercivity) Most typical for Gift Card programs
    - HiCo mag $$ (High coercivity) Most typical for Loyalty /Hotel card programs or reloadable cards
    - Available in 2 trac or 3 trac (ie…2 trac LoCo)
    - Can be applied on top or bottom of substrate (or both)
    - Variety of colors available (colors other than standard are more expensive and sometimes require custom ordering & lead time)
    Restrictions: Mag stripe needs to be applied 3/32” from the edge of the card or carrier.

  • Also known as Drop on Demand. High quality, high speed personalization. Recommended for large quantities. Harvard has single sided or duplex capability.

Bar Code $
  • An optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached. Can be variable (different) or static (the same) depending on the product it is being applied to. Can be used to represent account number data embedded in the mag stripe as well. 2D and QR codes available.

Scratch Off $
  • Scratch offs are used to hide security codes, account numbers, PIN numbers, etc. that suit a specific need. Scratch-off security pins should be implemented regardless of where a gift card is redeemable or purchased for an added level of security.