Standard Affixing $–$$
  • The process of attaching products together using automated machinery (sometimes hand assembly) with a bonding agent/adhesive.

Precision Affixing $–$$
  • Used to match card and carrier art for design purposes.

Speciality Affixing $–$$
  • Customization of card and carrier to fit unique applications.


Carrier $$–$$$
  • Gift Card carriers are becoming uniquely different by including a bonus gift as part of the packaging… ranging from key rings to fragrance test samples, to seeds that can be planted. Harvard has developed exclusive, automated equipment that provides one-of-a-kind gifting/packaging solutions.

Software $–$$$
  • Many software companies are moving away from traditional methods of software delivery systems (CD’s, DVD’s). Download codes are becoming much more prevalent for multiple reasons…cost of production and retail space at stores. With our unique equipment, let us help you build innovative solutions that are cost effective.


  • Multipacks are becoming more popular for both 3rd party and In- Store distribution as they improve the overall activation of more gift cards and deliver a more efficient method for consumers in need of multiple gift cards. Harvard is an industry leader in Multipack production based on unique equipment and data management systems (patented) we have engineered. Harvard currently produces over 60% of Multipacks produced in the U.S. Harvard is licensed to manufacture all versions of closed loop multipack designs.
  • Single Card Secure Pack
  • Dinner & A Movie
  • 5-Card Multipack
  • Blackhawk Style Multipack
  • Incomm Style Multipack

  • Custom or Instore Multipack
  • Custom or Instore Multipack