Gift Cards

Gift Cards is emerging and one of best way to drive business with increase in sales as well as benefits like reduce in transactional costs, increase in new customers etc. Custom Plastic Gift Cards manufactured by Harvard Card System are very reliable and most affordable for almost every person who is looking for use of Gift Cards in the business. There is variety of designs and types available for all sorts of Gift Cards which can be chosen and used.

The signature cards or full color gift cards manufactured will be exact match of your art, logo and particular text which will be specified by you. Plastic card printing may also include bar code and magnetic strip. The state of art and logo with perfect combination use of colors will make your card most effective and beautiful.

At Harvard Card System, We are known as prominent gift card manufacturer in California, having latest machinery and technology used for manufacturing, vast experience in designing and supplying of high quality custom gift cards. We are experienced enough to provide best quality products which are of global standards. We have been responsible for promoting businesses and have ensured a customer base for many companies through our especially crafted gift cards.

If you have any enquiry or requirement for any type of Gift Cards, you may reach us by dropping a email to Or just fill out the contact form; one of our representatives will reach you soon.

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