Affixing by Card Manufacturers
Affixing is a process which matches the product and carrier together. Harvard card System has automated card affixing equipments which provide the best quality in the affixing process. Our affixing machines are outfitted with the latest matching, scanning, imaging, folding and other inline components that simply cannot be found elsewhere in this magnitude. Harvard Card System has vast experience and unmatched technical as well as data handling capabilities for complicated card packaging projects. Affixing process is used for all types of Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, Hotel Key Cards, Plastic cards, Casino Cards, etc.

Following types of Affixing is used in Harvard Card System:

1) Standard Affixing- It is the process of attaching products together using automated machinery (sometimes hand assembly) with a bonding agent/adhesive.
2) Precision Affixing– It is used to match card and carrier art for design purposes.
3) Speciality Affixing- This type of affixing is used for customization of card and carrier to fit unique applications

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