Leading the Way: Harvard Card Systems installs the first Komori Lithrone GLX740 in the United States

Mar 13, 2015, 07:51 ET from Harvard Card Systems

Harvard Card Systems has invested in a new Komori Lithrone GLX740 Press, which is scheduled to be fully operational by March 15, 2015. Located in Los Angeles, California, Harvard Card Systems is one of the largest independent gift card manufacturer, personalization and fulfillment companies in the U.S. In business for 18 years, Harvard prides itself on its commitment to growth, innovation, technology, value and people. A G7 Certified print facility, Harvard Card Systems is focused on quality and works diligently on all aspects of the business in order to maintain brand integrity. The additional of the new press will allow the full service gift card manufacturer to remain on this path.

The new press has been configured to maximize efficiencies in all stages of the production process. Key features and attributes of the New 2015 UV GXL740 RP Offset include:

• One Pass, Two Sided Printing, designed to reduce production time and waste
• Space saving design, coupled with reduced heat emissions provides genuine benefits for the environment
• Fitted with high efficiency motors and blowers, intended to reduce overall energy consumption
• Auto Registration feature used for greater accuracy in registration alignment
• High grade quality control systems, automatic density and on demand color correction

Offering the latest technology, the Komori GLX740 will be the first to market a two-sided coating feature in the United States, delivering instant curing & outstanding print quality. The new press utilizes the Komori Advanced Interface (AI) software, which aids in reducing plastic/paper waste. Additional efficiencies, such as shortened make-ready times are recognized with the added Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changing Systems (A-AOC) feature. The press is also equipped with a PDC-SX scanner that uses spectrophotometry, an instrument designed to measure ink key density to maintain high print quality. This technology essentially automates the control of colors versus requiring color adjustments to be made manually by press operators. The new press uses an automatic register function, which allows a simultaneous measurement of both colors and register. These system features, in concert with KHS-AL-Linked Smart Feedback technology, help shorten the time needed for color matching and reduce plastic/ paper waste at print start-up. The press is scheduled to be equipped with PQA-S (Print Quality Assessment System for Sheet-fed). This systems uses a high precision CCD camera and lens, to ensure in-line, high-level print quality control, by way of inspecting all sheets having like criteria. In addition to checking for color irregularities, the system is designed to check for smears, ink splashes, water drops, oil spots and hickeys. When identified, sheets with imperfections will not continue through the printing process, eliminating the risk of unacceptable sheets being mixed with good sheets. As an added feature, a color control function, along with quality inspection provides enhanced functionality.

Harvard Card Systems has established a strong reputation within the marketplace and are looked upon as leaders & industry experts in personalization, data management, and multi-pack assembly. In addition, Harvard produces a comprehensive suite of product types, including CR80, M6, Multipacks, Card on Carrier and Loyalty. The investment by Harvard in Komori GLX740 Press will not only enhance the annual capacity , but also strengthen Harvard’s position to be the best quality printer in gift card industry. Visit www.HarvardCardSystems.com or follow us on facebook, linkedin, google plus to see additional images of the New Komori Lithrone GLX740 RP Offset

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